How To: Hidden Tricks Inside Of Evony The Kings Return For Android Devices You Didn’t Know Yet (With Screenshots).

The server can enter the Major League when the number of war points reaches 8 top. The server can enter the Super League when the server war points reaches 3 vertices. To resurrect troops, you need a certain number of elements, with each subsequent resurrection, the cost will increase. No additional resurrection resources are required. Prisoner – 10% defense in the city, -20% march speed. Tramp – 20% speed of march towards monsters, -20% production of all resources.

On the other hand, if your server loses, you production output will decrease by 20%. These rewards and punishments last for 48 hours. In short, the City of Throne is essentially a special kingdom that can be taken over by alliances by fighting NPCs that defend it. Upon capturing the city and also upon successfully defending it from other alliances for 5 hours, the alliance leader will be crowned king.

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2) Good leaders who can help you keep up with the alliance. Every soldier starts out with a base range, but by researching archery you can increase that range. By doing so your troops will get more free rounds to shoot your enemies. Everyone says their great and they are, but when reinforcements come you wasted all those resources making them. Not a whole lot you can say about them.

  • The less cities you have currently, the better.
  • PM me with new types of defenses to put in here, I?
  • I’ve been using my gems for levies to gain gold as I assume the one that finally does show up will be a pricy one.
  • This indicator determines the number of troops that you can send on a campaign to extract resources or to capture a city.
  • I upgraded my keep to lvl 16 and refresh a few times a day.
  • Utilize Download Evony The Kings Return APK for Android your imagination to get the treasure and prevent yourself from danger.

Prestige Dumping is something I can understand. When your prestige gets too high your alliance members have trouble reinforcing or transporting resources to you. So they like to drop down to look more normal sized and throw off their opponents. ll want to do in the beginning of a server is building and getting all the quests you can. I will say that before you do anything else, go to My Items , then click Chest and click on and apply the Beginner? After that, I like to start off with building a cottage, farm, sawmill, quarry and iron mine and then getting the quests for each of them.

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Instruction guide on how to play Evony at its best. Shortens training time of troops by 30% limit of 1 to each training group in Que. to use click the speed up button next to a group of troops being trained. Decreases build times or research time of a building or technology by a random time between 10 and 30 hours.