But it definitely lacks the playfulness of the original logotype, which, critics might argue, Twitter itself is now also lacking in. Geneva (sans-serif) is designed for small point sizes and prevalent in all versions of the Mac user interface. Its name betrays its inspiration by the Swiss typeface Helvetica. Approximately 12 fonts were included with the classic Mac OS (versions 1–9) Fonts. With the sole exception of Bill Atkinson’s Venice typeface, the fonts included with the original Macintosh were designed by Susan Kare, who also designed most of the Macintosh’s original icons.

The new logotype doesn’t have that bonkers mismatched lettering. The letters all line up now so Univers 53 Extended looks much smarter and more grown up that it did in the previous logo, but still reflects the company’s ideas about who it is. Univers was designed by Adrian Frutiger back in the 1960s and a version of it is also used on London street signs. The differences between Helvetica and San Francisco are subtle, even to the trained eye, but they’re there. While still an austere sans serif, San Francisco is bolder and friendlier than Helvetica Neue.

The Magic Of Apple Font & Apple Keynote Presentation

Understandably, Sans Serifs are the most commonly used Google Fonts. The difference between a Serif and Sans Serif font, is that Sans Serifs do not have those small decorative lines that characterize Serifs. Inspired by the actual president’s height, stature, and honesty, Abraham Lincoln Serif is a typeface that embodies all those qualities, and more.

The original typeface created for a French King called Francis I in the 1540s. an excellent comparisonof the two typefaces for you to compare. It is also effortless to read at different sizes and weights. a font that can blend to any style, like that of a chameleon in but in the font world.

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Lastly, we have Palatino, an old-style serif typeface designed in 1949 by Hermann Zapf. Even though this font was primarily designed for display purposes, it still has some very similar qualities to Garamond, which is why we included it to this list of fonts similar to Garamond. The Barlow sans serif font is clean and low-contrast, making it effortlessly readable.