Garena+ is an online game and social platform that has an interface similar to instant messaging platforms. Garena+ allows gamers to develop buddy lists, chat with friends online and check on game progress and achievements. Gamers can create their own unique identity by customizing their avatar or changing their names. Gamers are also able to form groups or clans, and chat with multiple gamers simultaneously through public or private channels through Garena+. In November 2011, Garena announced its publishing rights for the team-based shooter game, Firefall, in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

Ours is a talented and experienced team of journalists and our readers are mainly foreigners residing in Thailand. is an English-language news site that publishes timely and interesting Thai news on various subjects. “The realm of e-sports has no limits and can be enjoyed by all,” said Krit Pattanateacha of Garena Thailand Co Ltd.

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The undisputedly most popular mobile game in Thailand, said Settasilp, is Arena of Valor, called RoV in Thai. Genshin Impact, and Call of Duty mobile are also widely played. The unlikely protagonist might not be so far off from reality either. According to the survey, 59 percent of Thai respondents over 55 said that they play video games on any device. Thais scored the highest in gamer percentage out of 24 countries surveyed by YouGov. Coming in second was the Philippines at 80 percent, then Indonesia at 77 percent, which tied with Taiwan.

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