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What’s more, Synology Drive has an Intelliversioning algorithm that detects the most significant changes in your files. The comments and file attachment features of Backlog allow your team to work together and finish more tasks faster. You can add files under the comment sections, or you can simply upload them to centralized file folders.

LogicalDOC is an enterprise-grade platform that allows teams to create, co-author, and coordinate documents. If you’re stuck using a proprietary format, then don’t give it short shrift. Make absolutely sure any prospective system can handle these files, not just in terms of storage or routing but also as part of advanced features such as e-signatures and especially security. We’re dealing with web apps here so, unless you’re pairing them with desktop software, there’s not as much to worry about compared with when you use other types of software. However, browser compatibility, API support, and file formats are still important considerations, even today. Check to see that the software functions well on your preferred web browser, especially if your business relies on multiple web apps to function. Also, supporting only one browser can help keep your IT people sane.

Digital workplaces make it easy to connect with employees, whether they are in the office or working remotely. You can organize team rooms, boardrooms, and company directories in one place. Besides accommodating multiple levels of security, the solution helps administrators to give specific users access to the document library. Even better, the admin can define what aspects of the library a user can access based on their roles. What’s more, PinPoint features a powerful OCR engine and Content Search Manager that facilitate easy and fast lookup of documents. Document search can be done using keywords or full-text searches.

Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management allows organizations to securely manage and share documents, videos, photos and other content. You can update documents, add document annotations, redact confidential information and change document metadata from a single interface. It includes the ability to add, view, and modify document metadata to index, search, and retrieve documents. Easy PDF provides users with a straightforward website that can turn a PDF into many different file formats. The service also offers the ability to merge and compress PDFs if needed.

The website says users have no limits on the PDF conversions. If you are currently using a manual system, you are costing yourself hours that could otherwise be spent on other, more pressing business matters. A DMS automates many aspects of document management, taking that responsibility off your hands. Get rid of manual and paper-based document processes. The signing and sharing platform eliminates the need to print, sign, or scan documents, and makes information accessible in and out of the office. Everything you need to create an on-brand, best practice document is provided by the solution. You can set automated workflows to create everyday documents such as quotes, contracts, and memorandums.

In addition, Backlog provides your team with a single source of truth by creating custom fields or wiki pages that everyone can access and edit. Another is the SideKick feature, which lets you create an icon for every particular drawer, folder, or operation, and access them immediately without browsing the system.

Why Document Management Software?

Furthermore, you can enable real-time or scheduled backup of important files and folders. This way, you will always have a backup in case of accidental deletion of your files. A restore feature allows you to undo changes made to your documents and restore the previous version.

A no-brainer choice for Microsoft-focused businesses, Microsoft OneDrive for Business increases the number of files types it can view. Artificial intelligence makes accessing recently edited and most important files, folders, and projects quicker and more intuitive. Nuance’s PaperPort Professional 14 is a complete solution for scanning, converting, organizing, assembling, and sharing documents and photos on a PC or on download speccy the go. The system’s All-in-One Search uses optical character recognition technology to let you easily find scanned PDF documents, and even digital photos, anywhere on your local PC or network. The system includes the Nuance Cloud Connector, which adds connectivity to more than 20 online services. The software is compatible only with Windows computers.